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With Aqua Cleaners Maid Services, you will be connected to our experienced and professional cleaners in your property. All our cleaners are vetted and insured, so you are in safe hands. The service is thorough, deep clean that touches every area of your house including the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry room.
Last minute booking is available
Last minute booking is available
Last minute booking is available
Last minute booking is available
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Your Life is Busy. Hire a Maid Service To Help

Our Long Island professional maid service will do the job better than you can because that is our job. Let’s face it, most people will sweep the duster over the furniture and cabinets in a flurry to just get it done. If you work full time, have kids, have a business or just simply live a busy life the goal is to simply ‘get it done’. Our professional maid service is there to do the job right. We have techniques and products that have been proven over the years that make a difference in the cleanliness of your home. Wouldn’t you rather come home from a busy day at work and enjoy your family rather than having to clean for a couple of hours?

We do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Our maid services ensure you come home to a clean and comfortable environment. Isn’t that what home is supposed to be?

Our maid services in New York are available 7 days a week with many frequency options available. You can book right online in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee and last minute bookings are available. Our cleaners are vetted and insured. Enjoy thorough cleaning services that make every area of your house shine, including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Imagine the feeling of walking into a spotless home and being able to enjoy a relaxing evening and kick back instead of trying to decide where to start and wondering how you will get it all done. Who wants to spend Saturday cleaning after working all week? Hiring our maid services lets you focus on the things you like to do while we focus on the things that need to get done. Why not enjoy planning your holidays or gathering of friends without the hassle of wondering when you will fit cleaning in. Avoid the dread of ‘surprise’ visits by friends and family with the security of knowing your house is always ready for unexpected guests.

Clean is All In the Details

Doorknobs, light switches and cabinet handles all have more germs than any other part of your house. But how often do you think to clean them? A professional maid service has you covered though. We cover all the details to keep your home clean and sanitized.

What are some of the chores our maid services include?
Laundry Room: We wipe the washer/dryer as well as shelves in the room and clean the floor.
Living Room: One of rooms you desire to relax in the most, we’ll dust and clean every corner. We vacuum your floor and furniture making sure to get every corner and shelf.
Dining Room: Floors, light fixtures and cabinets will all be spotless for your entertaining and family meals.
Kitchen: This is probably the most active room in the home and therefore needs the most attention. We wipe all appliances and countertops, being sure to clean any grime and grease from surfaces. We will vacuum and mop the floors.
Bedrooms: Keeping bedrooms dust free and cleaning the floors we help ensure you a good night’s sleep
Bathrooms: We keep your bathrooms sanitary and clean ensuring there are no cobwebs in corners and we wipe down all surfaces and showers/tubs before cleaning the floors.
Additional Rooms: Let us know what rooms you need taken care of and if they require special attention. Our maid service is happy to keep any room in your home in tip top shape.
Aqua Cleaners wants to save you time, money and stress with our maid services. We bring all the cleaning products, vacuums, mops and rags so you don’t worry about having to store and replenish these items. We keep your home clean and disinfected so you can sit back and relax.

Why not give our services as a gift? Do you know an expectant mother or have a friend or relative that is having a medical procedure and could use a hand? Who wouldn’t welcome a break from bending, reaching and spraying cleaners? We are vetted and insured so you can feel confident in our services for your loved ones. We take personal pride in our maid services.

You can be sure our professional cleaners are trained and we respect our clients and their homes at all times. Book online or call us to discuss your specific needs for our maid services. Let us pay attention to the details of cleaning so you can enjoy your home more.

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