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Why Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Professional carpet cleaning not only keeps your carpet looking good and smelling fresh, it helps remove dust mites, pet dander, bacteria and other allergens that settle in carpets. Even humans shed skin cells and hair which end up beneath the surface of carpeted areas. Dirty carpets can host bacteria and other chemicals that get tracked in from outside, especially if you do not remove your shoes when coming indoors or have pets and kids running in and out of the house. These pollutants hiding in your carpets may be an underlying source of allergies and respiratory problems. Indoor pollutants are a major cause of poor air quality. Keeping carpets clean can help reduce some of these problems. Having carpets professionally cleaned removes dirt and toxins and helps keep the air quality indoors cleaner.

Save Money

Most experts agree vacuuming at least one to two times a week helps keep surfaces clean, but homes with pets fair better with daily vacuum cleaning especially in the warmer months when they may be outside more often. But even with daily vacuuming dirt and pollutants get below the surface of a carpet and you simply have a superficial clean. Allergens and even pests are still lurking deep in the fibers of the carpet. Over time, this can break down the carpet fibers as well as the every day wear. Carpeting is expensive, professional cleaning is a cost effective way of preserving the life of your carpet and you will get more years from your carpet when you keep the carpets professionally cleaned. This type of deep cleaning gets to the bacteria, pet dander and pollutants that normal vacuuming cannot.

Enhance the Appearance of the Room

There is nothing like the look and smell of a clean house and this includes a freshly cleaned carpet. Spending a lot of time in a space can dull your sense of smell in that area without even realizing it. Especially in households with pets and children. Having a professional service clean the carpets gets rid of underlying odors that may have over time gone unnoticed. Cleaning doesn’t just mask odors, it gets to the bottom of them and lifts them out. Not only does professional carpet cleaning enhance the appearance of the carpet, it improves the overall aesthetics of the room. It is even more essential high traffic areas receive consistent care. These areas take a constant wear and tear that vacuuming alone cannot compete with. Our professionals can recommend the most effective way to treat and take care of high traffic zones on your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning helps keep them looking newer longer and freshens up the area prolonging the longevity of the fibers.

Can’t I just Do It Myself?

Professional carpet cleaning services involves heavy duty tools that provide deeper more thorough cleaning that far exceeds what you can accomplish with regular surface cleaning. Deep cleaning your carpet can also help get to the source of deep set stains. Pros know how to handle different situations such as types of carpets, different stains and damage. Getting your carpet cleaned by a professional also helps prevent mold growth. Professionals use high powered drying tools that mildew and mold from moisture need to grow. Carpet cleaning by a pro will save you time and possibly money in the long run. You can also help protect your carpets by requesting special agents that can be applied to help prevent and protect against stains and spills. Trained carpet cleaning technicians know how to get a deep clean a day of DIY may not be worth in the long run. Professional carpet cleaning services can do the job more effectively and efficiently.

How Often Should I have My Carpet Cleaned?

Carpets should undergo a deep cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months and more often in high traffic areas where small children and pets play. By keeping your carpet maintained and professionally cleaned you can increase the longevity of the carpet as well as contributing to a healthier environment. Our experienced carpet cleaning professionals have the knowledge of working with various brands and types of carpet. This expertise benefits you by ensuring improper use of rental equipment does not damage your carpets causing you more money and time in the long run.

Professional Guarantee

Since you hire a professional carpet cleaning service for their expertise, efficiency and effectiveness we guarantee your satisfaction. Our technicians will let you know up front the process and recommendations for your carpet. We want our services to exceed your expectations.
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